About DeKalb County Sheriff's Office, MO:

The Delkab County Sheriff's Office is responsible for various policing functions within Delkab in Missouri. The department's administrative responsibilities include various functions, including managing:

  • Warrants and civil procedures for servicing by the deputies.
  • Sheriff's sales and extraditions.
  • The access of pistols to the public.
  • Registering sex offenders in the city.
  • Registering convicted felons when required.
  • Payroll and budgeting activities.

The location of the department is in Maysville, Missouri. The agency is responsible for public safety, which involves community policing and managing county jails. The dekalb county missouri sheriff is also responsible for managing the unincorporated regions that are not in the jurisdiction of the Municipality. The department will also function as part of managing repossessions, tax delinquencies, and implementing court orders.

The Sheriff's department is also responsible for managing County jail records, including bonds, mugshots, arrests, status, and court records. The facility also houses individuals who have to go for pre-trials and detainees. The facility has been functional since 1982 and has been reinventing its operations to help provide improved detainee management. 

The capacity of the facility averages at 160 employees, and the maximum capacity is upto 200 individuals. The team that manages the facility includes one commander, five sergeants, nine officers, and a transport team. 

The team goes through a rigorous and professional training course to uphold the correct law enforcement standards. Each of these professionals is under obligation to handle their respective duties with professionalism. 

Detainees or anyone else who comes across any form of complacency can make a formal complaint. The department also constantly performs various regulatory measures such as drug tests to ensure each member is fit to serve the law.

The Missouri Department of Corrections also relies on the dekalb county jail mo for managing violators. It also works to handle the detention facilities around the Maysville city area. Aside from incarceration management, the jail also offers various rehabilitative solutions. These include volunteer, educational and religious programs.

The department is also available to provide information on various security aspects, including:

  • The details of individuals in jail.
  • The mug shots and jail records of an individual.
  • The law enforcement agencies of the county.
  • The details on sales and auctions from the Sheriff's office.
  • Public safety and criminal activity. 

If you are looking for more details on the operations of the department, below are some of them:

  • Office Name: DeKalb County Sheriff's Office
  • Location: 109 West Main St. P.O. Box 317, Maysville Mo. 64469
  • Phone: (816) 449-5802
  • Fax: (816) 449-5241


Below are some of the main divisions in the Sheriff's department:


The dispatchers in Dekalb county work to assist citizens and agents performing patrol activities. There is always a dispatcher available on a 24-hour basis to help ensure the best security and management results.

The dispatch will perform functions such as managing emergency phone calls and storing information about each claim. The department will also evaluate all the data on law enforcement traffic and provide information to support other aspects of the Sheriff's office.


The Patrol Division is responsible for responding to all the phone calls to the county and its environments. The department also manages various other functions such as subpoenas and managing warrants.

The patrol department has to cover a specific number of miles each day to enforce safety measures. The patrol also serves the function of responding to 9-1-1 dispatch calls or evaluating sex offender records.

The Patrol team can also help with inmate transportation procedures through different locations. The deputies work alongside various data collection entities such as residents, investigators, CCTV cameras, and more. 

Sex Offender Division 

The department also features a sex offender division that manages all individuals guilty of sex crimes. The sex offenders have to register with the department periodically as part of community policing measures by the department. The sex offender registry also undergoes various regular data updates.

The sex offender division also regularly checks the individuals for legitimacy purposes. Maintaining diligence is important for the department, which helps ensure that children are safe from potential sex predators.

Pistol Permits

The Sheriff's department also serves the role of providing pistol permits to the people within its jurisdiction. Once the individual makes an application, they will have to go through various checks to handle guns.

The applicant will then have to wait for a response from the team, which often comes up via e-mail. However, the data access might be eligible for certain fees, such as processing documents. The process might also take up to one month, and this depends on the department's workload to manage.

Daviess \ Dekalb County Regional Jail 

The Daviess/ Dekalb Regional Jail provides various services for managing detainees. The jail manages a corrections division that should care for, control, and manage such individuals. The jail also serves the role of oversight procedures to optimize the services offered to detainees. 

The jail also has a capacity of upto 200 prisoners and plans to expand to handle more. The facility also performs various security checks for any party visiting or accessing their premises. The checks include handbags, foodstuffs, closets, mail, and more.

The jail also features specialized kiosks where inmates can buy various basic items such as food and hygiene products. However, access to these facilities has specific time limitations. Below are some of the specific details of the jail facility:

  • Name: Daviess/DeKalb Regional Jail
  • Location: 102 North Meadows Ln., Pattonsburg, MO 64670
  • Phone: 660-367-2200
  • Fac: 660-367-2579
  • Director: Edmon Howard Jr.
  • Deputy Director: James Thurston
  • Administrative Assistant: Lori Burke

The department features different individuals who are responsible for various functions, including:

  • The Director Edmon E. Howard Jr. Mr. Howard has served in the department for over one decade. He also oversees the daily functions of the jail and is part of the policy creation process.
  • The deputy director Timothy Crader has been serving at the department since 2017. Mr. Crader has served in law enforcement since 1987, and this tenure has included time with the Missouri Department of Corrections. 
  • The Administrative Assistant Lori Burke has served in this role since 2015. She also has affiliations with the Pattonsburg Community and has served in other similar facilities since 2008.

The administration also serves the role of ensuring that prisoners have adequate and safe access to various resources. These include transportation, dieting, medical services, and court date management. All team members are under obligation to act professionally and ethically.

The department's overarching goal is to offer services to all locations that house prisoners. Doing this will allow smaller departments to choose the right mandate and focus approach for their operations. The remaining members of the administrative team that help with this role include:

  • On-site Medical Nurses (2)
  • Mail Room Professional Supervisor (1)
  • Commissary Supervisor (1)
  • Maintenance Resource Supervisor (1)
  • Divisions

Below are some of the divisions that help with the day-to-day functions of the Daviess/ Delkab county jail:


The facility is responsible for safeguarding the welfare of all prisoners who exist in the facility. The staff members must ensure all prisoners receive accommodation based on various legal procedures. The division must also provide firm and fair care for all individuals the court has sentenced.

The bed capacity of the jail facility averages 200 units. The staff team includes over forty-five individuals who help supervise the prison's functions. Part of this mandate involves upto four professionals, including lieutenants, sergeants, officers, and a director. The corrections department also reinvents constantly to meet national prison management standards.

Court Security 

The court security is the team responsible for handling any misconduct or violence during court proceedings. The state created the team as an initiative for controlling the rising cases of misconduct during court cases. It's part of the reinventing measures that courts implement to ensure proceedings run smoothly. 

The jail also provides officers to the courthouse who operate a metal detector to help regulate access. The other roles of the court security can also include:

  • Provided regulated and safe access to the courthouse or any of its facilities.
  • Run a metal detector to check handbags, clothing, and more for illegal items.
  • Perform security checks before and during proceedings.
  • Perform perimeter checks of the courthouse facility.
  • Organize the data detailing any recent arrests.

Medical Services 

The jail must provide high-quality medical care access to the detainees within the facility. The current health service the jail uses is the Advanced Correctional Healthcare service. The facility provides various resources to help with medical functions in the jail. These include a nurse and a licensed chemist.

However, the local hospitals help with any medical issues in the emergency category. The detainees also have to use kiosks to seek medical health services in the living quarters. Detainees who require dental services might require transportation to a secondary medical health facility.

Food Services

The jail also has a food service team responsible for ensuring inmates access high-quality and clean food. The prison management team achieves this goal by subcontracting the work to specific service providers. 

The main service provider is the CBM Management services that provide meals. The CBM team also provides meals based on a specific calorie and nutritional level. The jail also performs various quality checks to ensure the supplied food is fit for human consumption.